Quality Capsule Wardrobe in 5 Easy Phases

I’m not sure if this is a popular or unpopular opinion but I think capsule wardrobes look great! I can’t wait to have mines completed.  Pinterest and Youtube have been my inspiration for capsule examples. Now I have a plan to build my capsule in just 5 easy phases.


Phase 1

Purge & Donate: I went through my closet and my drawers and took out everything I haven’t worn lately, I don’t plan on wearing, or that don’t fit my “idea” of a capsule wardrobe. I never had many clothes, however, I managed to fill a bag and donate it to the local thrift store.

Phase 2

Pick a Color Scheme: I love simplicity! So my colors are very neutral. I chose black, white, gray, khaki, and navy. I may have random pops of colors in my wardrobe but I haven’t decided yet.

Phase 3

Write a List:  I don’t just want to go pick up every item I see in my color scheme. So I am preparing myself to get what I really need when I go shopping. I’m writing a list of the exact amount of pants, shirts, and sweaters I need.

Phase 4

Go Shopping: Here’s the fun part! I haven’t made it to this phase yet so I will definitely write an updated post. When I go out to finally shop, I will try to get everything that I need on my list. There is one thing I haven’t decided yet. I have seen people build their capsule wardrobes two different ways. They either buy discounted items from thrift stores OR they invest in higher end items in hopes that they will not have to be replaced as frequently. I think both options has its perks but I haven’t decided which will be best for me.

Phase 5

Organize: I organize my clothes the KonMari way. As of now, I only hang jackets and dresses. Everything else is folded and put into drawers. When I move in with my boyfriend, I will have a bigger closet and a smaller dresser but they will both be shared. Either way, whatever goes in my drawers will be folded according to the KonMari method and I will keep you all updated on the way my capsule is organized once it is complete.

This is so exciting for me! I think what I love most about the idea of a capsule wardrobe is that most items can be worn together and that makes it so much easier to choose an outfit. I’m going to need that simplicity when my baby girl arrives because I’m sure she’s going to get most of my attention.

What are your thoughts on a capsule wardrobe?

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