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Quality Capsule Wardrobe in 5 Easy Phases

I’m not sure if this is a popular or unpopular opinion but I think capsule wardrobes look great! I can’t wait to have mines completed.  Pinterest and Youtube have been my inspiration for capsule examples. Now I have a plan to build my capsule in just 5 easy phases. “> “> Phase 1 Purge & Donate: …

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7 Skin Care Products I Need the Most in My Home

This post may contain affiliate links meaning I may receive a commission for purchases made through the links on this post. Please read my disclosure for more info.  During this process of decluttering my things before my move, I’m always asking myself “do I really need this?” The one basket that was easy to go …

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How I Easily Saved $60 on Pregnancy Books

When I first thought of writing this blog post, it was going to be about ditching the pregnancy books! I was going to share the best pregnancy articles I’ve read and talk about my never-ending love for Pinterest. Then one day, I took a trip to the thrift store. “> “> “> I was completely …