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Boost Your Daily Life with these 4 Self Care Acts

I think a lot of us over complicate self-care. Though it would be nice, self-care doesn’t always have to mean vacations and massages. It’s really just taking the time to check in with your body. With such busy schedules, how often do we take just 10 minutes to put ourselves first? Here are four things we should ALL be doing daily to prioritize our well-being.


  1. Drink enough water. How many times do you have to hear it before you do it? Seriously, almost every blog and article about being healthy or improving your life tells you to drink water. So listen! Drinking water is essential.
  2. Eating well. It really doesn’t matter if you’re slim or not, filling up on junk food or working through your lunch hour isn’t healthy.  And please, don’t skip breakfast! This ties back into drinking enough water. What you put into your body really does matter and can affect your mood positively or negatively day after day.
  3. Skin Care. While I’m sure you may wash your face and shower every day (or at least most days) you may be able to take it just a step further. Maybe your hands or feet are really dry, find a good cream and take the time to moisturize them after you clean. I know for myself, my problem area has always been my legs so I have to use a thicker lotion to really moisturize them.
  4. Get Enough Sleep. Ok, I had to be guilty of at least one, right? I constantly have to clear my bed because I tend to fall asleep either writing, reading, or on my laptop. But one thing I am learning is to listen to my body. If I need to take a nap, I will take one. Some days I may think 9 pm is too early to sleep but if my body is weak, I will lay down until I pass out. Constantly overworking ourselves is not making us any more productive, so we need rest!


Simple right? Just work these four things into your daily life and remember that it is ok to take a moment for yourself.


6 Comments on “Boost Your Daily Life with these 4 Self Care Acts

  1. Water is such a challenge for me. And there are virtually countless of data that tells us it is imperative to keep at it. I typically squeeze half a lemon in a 32oz bottle and try to drink it on my first hour. But with that being said, it lasts like two hours.

  2. Agree with all four. Drinking enough water is the hardest one for me, yet the easiest one to do! Congrats on the launch of your blog. Good luck! 🙂

  3. I used to have such a hard time drinking enough water!! But now I keep a large cup with a lid and straw in the fridge that I drink on all day. I usually fill it at least twice every day (and it’s a BIG cup!) For whatever reason drinking from a straw always helps me drink more water!

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