Minimalism, Zero Waste

How do you balance minimalism and zero waste?

Let me start off by telling you what this article DOESN’T do. This article does NOT answer the question that it asks. (WHAT?!) Yes, you read that correctly. As I will keep mentioning, this blog is about my journey. I am not pretending to be an expert. I am just figuring things out along the way.

Now, with that out of the way, let us dive into my issue. I am really trying to adopt a minimalist lifestyle. Seriously, I have gotten rid of so much of my stuff I can pack everything I own in two hours or less. (Assuming I don’t have to do laundry). Now, I also want to stop creating so much waste and do my part for Mother Nature.

Formula Cans

My daughter goes through about two cans of formula a week. The zero waste in me is like “lets figure out what kind of DIY crafts we can do with these.” But the minimalist in me is cringing every time I see the stack of cans just sitting. I know there are great things I can do with the cans but I don’t make the time for them. How many am I going to let pile up before enough is enough? Am I really going to find a purpose for EVERY can? She’s only four months.

Plastic Bottles

This one is slightly out of my control. I’m not the one buying the bottles. I TRY to not drink water from the bottles. They ARE being “recycled.” (Watch “Plastic Ocean” on Netflix to see why I put it in quotation marks). I do have a reusable water bottle, but even that is plastic as well. I plan on buying a hydro flask bottle at some point but those are a little pricey. In the end, I can only control myself right? Should I encourage others without being pushy? This one is tough for me.


Personally, I hate using sponges to wash dishes. I also feel really wasteful using napkins and paper towels to clean my face or dry my hands. Using towels instead is not a problem for me at all. But again, I feel conflicted because I don’t live in my own place with my little family so I don’t control any of these things. I’ve thought about purchasing a small thing of cloth napkins to use myself but I haven’t committed to the idea.

I want to try and do my part but not bring extra clutter. Once I purchase my own home (which is my goal to do so by July 2022) these “extra” but reusable things won’t be clutter really because I will be using them daily, but as of now do I make these extra purchases? Essentially it adds to my belongings which is not the goal of minimalism but it helps with zero waste.

Once again, it’s a journey.

Until next time… <3

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