Do we really need another mommy blogger on the internet? Probably not. There are so many wonderful ladies giving amazing tips and sharing their experiences already. I’ve pondered the idea of blogging for a while . It definitely wasn’t my intention to blog about motherhood. (I actually had a short lived blog about my journey to veganism, which was also, unfortunately, short lived.) So how did I end up becoming the minimal mama?

Well, for starters. I found out I was pregnant! It wasn’t a planned pregnancy, and this may not be the best time for me personally to become a mother but nonetheless, I still consider my growing baby bump a blessing. Once I found out I was having a girl this fear came over me. I learned so much from my mom just by her simply raising me. Over the years I’ve acquired so many of her habits and mannerisms; am I really ready to be that kind of role model for my own child?

So throughout the rest of my pregnancy, I have been thinking a lot about how I can be my best me. I’ve started developing morning and nighttime routines (which, lets be honest, will probably be old news once baby girl is here) and focusing on self-care. One big thing that I’ve been preparing for is moving in with my boyfriend, which is what led me to minimalism.

There was so much stuff! I couldn’t tell the difference between what I actually needed and what I was keeping just to fill space. All I knew was that I couldn’t hold on to everything. I definitely was not going to drag it to my new place. So began the decluttering and the birth of me as a minimal mama.